Inception Designs EZ PE Z ASA - Matte Black

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Inception Designs EZ PE Z ASA - Matte Black

This is the latest in Air Systems Adapter (ASA) designs, using a lever-based action to ensure easy gassing up of your paintball guns even those using high-pressure tanks and ball valves that can be very difficult to gas up with other systems.


  • All alluminium construcion
  • Regulator adjustment markings
  • Hidden mounting screws
  • Hi lever ratio for even easier gassing up.
  • Push-button gas release drops the lever and auto bleeds the gas from the ASA.


Fits all Emek, EMF100, MG100, Etha2, Etha3 and Etha3M markers.


Currently available in Matte Black & Polished black and will soon be available in Polished Raw for customization.

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