Paintball Equipment Repair

Cousins Paintball has been in the business since 1986, and we've been servicing gear for the sport since day one!! Over that time, we've gained unmatched experience in repairing paintball markers, tanks, loaders and just about every type of paintball equipment available.

We've been serving the New York market for decades, but if you're not nearby, it's not a problem! We get gear sent in to our Long Island shop for service all the time, just let us know that you're sending something in, and we'll get your marker fixed and back out in almost no time.

From the basic cleaning and lubing of your Tippmann or Spyder all the way to complete Autococker and CS3 builds we can easily get you taken care of.

Cousins Paintball's technical skills are known and respected worldwide, we are Factory Certified and recommended by the following companies;


DLX (Luxe)

DYE Paintball

Empire Paintball

Inception Designs


JT Paintball

Ninja Paintball

Planet Eclipse 



Shocker Paintball

Valken Sports

Virtue Paintball


If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact us at 631-243-1100 or email [email protected]



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