How To Bore Size Paintballs

There are a few things you can do to fine-tune the performance of your paintball marker, a few basics are to make sure your marker, barrel, and hopper are free from any broken paint or filth inside. If they aren't, each paintball you shoot will have a bit of gunk on it, and it will affect the accuracy massively. Think of it as throwing a spitball, but at 200mph.

Another is to upgrade your barrel with one that's better made, which will help with accuracy, but if you really want to fine-tune it to the furthest degree you can match the size of the paint you're shooting to the bore of your barrel. This will make sure that there's very little air going around the ball being wasted and also putting an inconsistent amount of force behind each ball that you shoot. This inconsistency will cause your velocity to vary a bit, which will result in each ball going a bit of a different distance.

You may have seen products called barrel inserts while looking around the web, These are a simple, cost-effective solution to the bore sizing dilemma, There are a few popular barrel brands such as Freak as well as the S-63 or PWR insert system that allow you to use one barrel, but you change the bore size by swapping the insert to match your paint. These inserts tend to be less expensive than the other option of barrels such as the DYE UL-S which require you to change the entire barrel back in order to raise or lower your bore size. 

The negative of the insert systems is that they tend to be more delicate than barrel backs, which means you can't just throw them loose into your gear bag, cleaning your barrel after a bad break is also a bit more difficult, as you've got a few more surfaces to attend to. 

Both of these options are fantastic, it just comes down to your preference and style.