Top Magfed Paintball Guns of 2021

                                                  Top Magfed Paintball Guns of 2021 


When considering a Magfed paintball gun you have the choice to get one that is solely Magfed or a Dual-Fed option. The Dual Feed options give the player the ability to use the traditional hopper style loader instead of the magazine if they choose. Most Magfed paintball guns out there have dual functionality. A few good dual feed paintball gun options are The Tippmann TMC, The Tippmann TMT TMC Elite, The Tippmann Stormer Elite, Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL, Planet Eclipse EMF100, First Strike Scout.


Tippmann TMC Elite W/ Air Thru Adjustable Stock


Tippmann TMC M4 Carbine - Dark Earth


Planet Eclipse EMF100 Teal Triumph


First Strike Scout Bolt Action Marker


DYE DAM Black Black Tan Desert Fade


Extra magazines are another important piece of your inventory. Magazine capacity ranges from 9-20 rounds. 


Tippmann TMC Magazine with Coupler Two Pack Black


Dye DAM Mag 10 round 2 Pack Olive


First Strike T15 V2 Magazine


Magfed paintball guns shoot standard .68 caliber paintballs and First Strike rounds. 


Valken Graffiti 2000 count paintballs

                                                              First Strike Rounds: 

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