JT 68cu 4500 psi Compressed Air Tank - Grunge Grafx Blue/ Orange

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These carbon fiber high quality air systems feature a lightweight aluminum regulator that provides steady performance and reliability. Weighing in at a feather-light 2.3 lbs, you won’t even realize this tank is 68 cubic inches of air. With a five-year retest cycle, these JT Paintball Carbon Fiber tanks will operate for many years of quality performance.

Lightweight DOT & TC certified carbon fiber cylinders Made in the USA
68 cubic inch sized cylinder
Paintball Industry standard 4500 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
Utilizing Pure Energy technology regulators that lead the industry in flow, stable pressure output and efficiency
Both high and low pressure rupture disks installed for the highest level of safety
Stainless Steel V3.0 fill nipple
6000 psi gauge
Regulators are installed by qualified technicians and meet or exceed all industry standards
All components meet or exceed all ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA standards or requirements
Five-year retest cycle
Tank must be filled prior to use

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