Ninja Pro V3 EXT Regulator 4500 psi - Blackout Aluminum

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Introducing the all new Ninja Pro V3 Paintball Regulator. This reg is designed, patented and fully produced here in the USA. Built with the highest quality materials, you can expect nothing but best. If you are looking for excellent performance and little maintenance, look no further than the Ninja Pro V3 Regulator. This reg also features the extended system
In addition to the regulator, you will also be supplied with a full parts kit for repair and maintenance. There is also a detailed instruction manual that shows how to change the reg pressure between 550 and 750 PSI on all standard output regs. 
The Ninja Pro V3 also comes with a rotational bonnet. This is a must have nowadays so you can lineup your gage and fill nipple to your liking. The bonnet also has a dual O-ring which helps extend the life of tank O-rings and creates a better seal with the ASA.
If that's not enough, Ninja also has top of the line customer service on all of their products. They also attend all of the major tournaments and events to provide amazing tech repairs.
The new Pro V3 Reg is also available in SHP and SLP. The SLP regulator comes pre-set at 300 PSI while the SHP come pre-set at 1050 PSI. 
  • Patented Technology
  • Parts Kit Included
  • O-Ring Fill Valve / OFV
  • Factory Set to 550 PSI
  • 500-750 PSI Adjustable With Shims
  • Aluminum Bonnet
  • Rotational Bonnet For Gauge & Fill Nipple Ergonomics
  • Dual O-Rings
  • User Friendly
  • Made In USA
  • Direct USA Factory Support
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