Inception Designs Sniper Pump Guide Pre 2k

Now, you can use the Inception pump kits on your Pre-2K Sniper and 'cocker bodies.
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This is a stainless steel pump guide for use with the Inception Drift and Genesis pump kits and allows them to fit pre 2k Autocockers and sniper bodies, but still use the modern 2k+ front blocks.

This can also be used on a pre-2k Autococker where the pump guide replaces the front banjo bolt and works as a volume chamber to help lower the operating pressure of the gun and allow the use of a modern front block (All Inception options including the Mini VASA, and some from other manufacturers) but we would need to cut the shoulder down slightly for this to work so if you want that option be sure to mention it in the comments before we ship out the pump guide, or you will be responsible for the cost of shipping it back and forth to get it corrected for you...

It is fully fluted for reduced friction and made of polished stainless steel to make it stiffer and more rigid. The inside is drilled all the way to the tip to provide extra volume.
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