Empire SYX Marker w/3 Barrel Backs - Bruise

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Take a look at the Empire SYX! These guns are loaded with value! We love the feel of this newly designed low pressure marker. Balance and comfort along with an attractive price point has the Empire SYX a great option!
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The Empire SYX, is the newest entry in the AXE series of markers. Based on the AXE platform but totally redesigned, this 6th generation offers a streamlined new look and features a revised engine for the ultimate in performance, ergonomics and durability.

The new clean design is both graceful and comfortable with full-wrapping rubber grips for total control and an in-grip regulator. Internals include a dual button navigation multi-function OLED board. Super easy to service with tool-less bolt removal and battery door foregrip and standard O-rings for even simpler maintenance.

Rounding out the performance is a micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel system with a 7.5inch control bore for peak accuracy. The SYX ticks off all the boxes where beauty, balance and technology come seamlessly together making this marker a must-have!

• Revised engine for enhanced performance and durability
• All new, in-grip Regulator mated to a new ASA
• Tool-less battery door located in front fore-grip
• Dual-density, non-slip full-wrap rubber grips
• Fluid design unbroken by external screws
• Multi-function Redline OLED board with 2-button navigation
• Quick, tool-free bolt removal for easy maintenance
• Accurate, micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel with 7.5” control bore
• Break beam, anti-chop Laser Eyes prevents barrel breaks
• Low-pressure operation


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